The first day is over! And it went well!!

What a relief that is.

All the other girls on the course are lovely and friendly, and we spent the morning working on various small projects for Pauline. Rather than attempt a Tudor bonnet from scratch or repair a hole in some trousers, I opted instead to decorate a headband, replace a button (after painting said button to match the others), and tack on a watch chain. A modest start, but a successful one all the same (accidentally sewing a button back onto the spot I removed it from moments prior notwithstanding).

After lunch we moseyed over to Barley Hall for the Fashion from Film exhibition. As our first project is Regency menswear, it was pretty convenient to have one of Mr. Darcy’s costumes there for reference. When we got back to the studio Pauline surprised us all with a bottle of champagne, which brought day one to a happy conclusion.

Tomorrow is a research day to decide exactly what we want to make. For Ben’s sake, I’ll try not to choose a design with breeches that are too tight…

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