Holy breeches, Batman!


Excellent second day. Spent the morning perusing Pauline’s library of costume and pattern-cutting books while watching snippets of Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice (for research, of course).  I selected an 1815-1820 ensemble, as follows:

double breasted tailcoat, waistcoat, & cravat

tailcoat & waistcoat technical drawings (not my handiwork)

split fall breeches

Even though research had been scheduled for the whole day, I had compiled everything by lunchtime and so made a move on drafting the breeches.

pattern for breeches

Pauline showed us a nifty way to scale the patterns up, which involves plotting points along the pattern by measuring up from a straight line rather than on radiating diagonal lines. I surprised myself by how quickly I caught onto this new method, and I think it’s my new go-to! I spent an hour and a half on the first pattern, and an hour and ten minutes on the second. The result:

drafted breeches pattern

Overall I am THRILLED with today’s progress, and I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow!!

3 thoughts on “Holy breeches, Batman!

  1. I know that this post was a while ago, so I am hoping that you are still active on this blog… I have been searching for a good pattern-in-a-book (not a purchased pattern) for breeches. What book is this pattern/illustration from? I’m so happy to have found this post!


    1. Hi Abigael, and thanks for your comments! The breeches pattern is from Men’s 17th and 18th Century Costume, Cut and Fashion by RI Davis. I can’t believe it never occured to me to list my sources – I’ll have to go back and add them in!


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