Took a field trip to Fabworks in Dewsbury today, and it is every bit as amazing as I had heard it was. As excited I am about the prospect of fabric shopping in London, I just don’t see the point when there’s such a brilliant selection right here in West Yorkshire!

I am pleased to report that I chose all my fabric within about an hour, despite a bit of a faff about the waistcoat (raw silk or jacquard?! I went for the jacquard – more visual punch). Navy wool/cashmere blend for the tailcoat, red cotton to line the tails, pale yellow jacquard for the waistcoat with a complementary pale yellow cotton lining, and a stone-grey twill for the breeches. My camera battery died this afternoon, so I’ll have photos to post as soon as I figure out the best way to get them off my phone and onto the computer!

Tomorrow is sewing sample day. Having learned my lesson from Paul’s class, I shall do my own samples THEN AND THERE so I’m not pulling my hair out weeks later after failed attempts to remember the steps or understand my notes. Wish me luck!

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