Hazy Monday


Today I definitely had a case of the Mondays.

And the 28-degree (Celsius) weather in a non-air-conditioned studio probably didn’t help matters either.

I spent the first three hours lethargically working on my shirt – needless to say, it STILL isn’t finished. I got as far as attaching the other cuff and finishing the hems, but decided to leave the buttons until another day when it didn’t feel like I had to swim through the air to get to my sewing machine. Humidity makes it hard to concentrate, dontcha know.

After lunch I stared at my pencil-marked toiles for a while. Eventually I made a move on altering the paper patterns. Pauline had said I could either make the alterations on paper, or just do it on the calico and then use the unpicked toiles as the new, adjusted patterns. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe it was the Mondays, but whatever the reason I found the latter idea completely baffling. Why mess about unpicking everything when you can just scrawl out some new finish lines and stick on some bits of paper to your original patterns? Anyway, paper was the way forward, and at the very least my breeches pattern has now been updated and is ready for cutting out the proper fabric tomorrow (after we practice the split-falls, of course).

It wasn’t just me struggling today; we all seemed to be melting and mooching along. Finally Pauline said let’s finish at 4.30 and stay late tomorrow, how’s that? We mumbled our approval as enthusiastically as we could muster, and dissipated into the heat.

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