The Trouble with Gussets…

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…is that if you don’t put them in to start with, you’ll need to go back and add them later!

003This repair has been on my to-do list since July (and when I say on my to-do list, I mean sitting on top of my printer gathering dust). Why have I been putting it off for so long? Because gussets are a bother and a faff, that’s why! As my mother would say, corners aren’t my best. Anyway, I figured with the time off that I’d got and the dreadfully long epoch that’s passed between posts, it was time to pull my finger out and just do it already.

As you can see, it wasn’t a perfectly square hole to start with:


So the obvious thing to do was whack on some fusible interfacing and zig-zag over the sideways tear to make an almost-square!

005Then came the real difficulty of attaching the gusset. Le sigh.


Despite myself, I think it actually turned out alright!




I even managed to tidy up the raw edges with more fusible interfacing. It’s not gonna win any prizes, but it does the job:



So the moral is, fusible interfacing is the BEST.

Also never assume you can get away from gussets.

‘Til next time folks!

3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Gussets…

    1. Sorry Leah! As you may know by now, a gusset is an extra bit of fabric inserted for ease of movement; for example under a sleeve (like the one I’ve had to add to the chitoniskos). When we made Regency period men’s shirts we had to put in gussets and I didn’t enjoy it one little bit!


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