A Room of One’s Own

Costume Construction

Earlier this year, Ben (my ever-helpful assistant and model) and I moved to our own place in Halifax. A major perk of the new place is the second bedroom, or as I now like to call it, my very own work space!

work room

It’s just two bookshelves and some particle board, assembled by Ben with love, and it’s exactly what I wanted. A lovely big table top that’s the right height to stand and work at, with plenty of space to spread out fabric and patterns. Since then we’ve added a few touches, like a vinyl table cover and a rail for finished projects:

finished workroom

It’s still very much a spare room with loads of random stuff hidden under the table, but it’s also an opportunity – not to mention an incentive – to take on new projects to add to the rail (and possibly my own wardrobe):

costume rail

Here’s hoping I do it justice!

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