French Revolutionary Fashion: Accessories of War – Part 1

Costume History, Fashion History

Happy Bastille Day, one and all! On this day in 1789, a group of Parisians stormed the Bastille – a prison that symbolizing the arbitrary, but absolute, power of Louis XVI – and started a revolution in which fashion played a major role. Due to its inextricable link with political ardor, dress became a significant factor in the provoking and propagating the cycles of Revolutionary and counter-Revolutionary violence.

Spirited Away: Recreating Chihiro

Cosplay, Costume Construction

spirited_away posterIn the years since completing the NCC course, it’s become increasingly apparent that I won’t get around to making things for myself. Just as well, then, that I have lovely friends like Becca who come to me with projects – first a Tinkerbell tutu, and now recreating anime character Chihiro from the film Spirited Away

Shoes, Laws, & Ladies

Costume History, Fashion History

It’s January. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s a long time til summer. What’s a girl to do? Distract herself with SHOES, of course!

More specifically, distract herself with the social, moral, and sexual implications of the Renaissance mother-of-all-shoes, the pianelle. BEHOLD:


Early 17th century, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. [image source]