The journey to the costume shop was far smoother this morning – I was there by 9.30, hurrah! Good start, good start.

Proceeded to spend the day making up some black suedette dungarees for Moley (did I mention the show I’m working on is Wind in the Willows?). They’re nearly ready for the fitting – just need to bag out the straps and tack them on tomorrow, attach the big front pocket, et voila, dungarees! Again, probably something that one of the regular girls could have knocked up in a couple of hours, but let me point out that this costume has not one but TWO plackets. Yes, two plackets! Which I attached successfully on the first go! Even the fiddly middle bit!

Wait, I just remembered that I forgot to put the elastic in the back casing. Must write that down so I can do it without being reminded tomorrow.

Otherwise, so far so good. Fiona (the head cutter) seems pleased with my progress, and said I ask all the right questions. So far no one’s said anything to suggest that I’m working too slowly, which is really my main concern… but the general consensus from the girls is that I should take my time and ask questions if (when, more like) I get stuck.

Hopefully Moley’s dungarees won’t take too long to finish up tomorrow morning, and then it’s on to the next thing!