Rolling Merrily Along


After a rocky finish to last week and an unproductive two-and-a-half-hour cutting session yesterday, I finally feel like I’m back on track! I had my jacket pattern finalized by 11 am, and then moved on to cutting out my wool and lining. I got as far as pad-stitching the lapels by 6pm, at which point I switched gears back to the breeches (which, might I add, I had been dreaming about). I didn’t finish the fall fronts, but I’ve got everything sewn and pinned in the right places. My plan is to go in early tomorrow morning, work on the breeches for an hour, then work on the jacket for the day along with everyone else, and then stay a bit later to work on the breeches some more. We shall see how it goes…

Pictures soon!

Practice makes perfect


Seeing as I haven’t sewn anything since Halloween, I decided a bit of practice before starting the course would do me good. At Pauline’s (the woman who founded and runs the NCC) suggestion, I decided to have a crack at the sleeves on this 1930s dress, courtesy of Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 2:

So that’s what they’re supposed to look like. The pattern:

Scaled up:


Okay, so it’s one half of one sleeve. But the point is, I spent ages fiddling around with pins and gathers, and I don’t think the result is half bad!

Let’s hope this is the start of a positive trend.