General Update


10-hour days, naps on the train, issues with pleats, calloused and flaking fingertips… these are just a few of the defining features of my life on the course at the moment. And now added to that is a new and interesting frustration: tutu-making!

This weekend we had a lovely girl called Liz come in to teach us how to make tutus. This was all very well and good, except it means that we’ve now gotten to the end of our seventh day without a day off and we’ve got all of next week, which includes kicking off a new project, to face up to. I should also point out that this tutu workshop came at the end of bodice week, which meant lots of late nights and early starts (and still endless amounts of hand-sewing that have yet to be completed).

At this point, I’m spent. I can feel a sore throat coming on and I’m barely convinced I’ll finish my bodice on time, let alone a tutu or another dress.

But I think that’s just the exhaustion talking. Photos of last week’s progress coming up, as soon as I find myself at home before 7.30 pm (i.e., not very soon). Til then, thanks for reading!

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