My own Mr. Darcy


Yesterday Ben came in for his fitting. As it wasn’t until late afternoon I had plenty of time to get everything ready, including nearly finishing that damned shirt!!

Anyway, without further ado…

the shirt

the shirt and breeches

shirt, breeches, and waistcoat

just look at that collar

the full ensemble

Good news: everything fits! There are some tweaks here and there, but nothing major. So, first thing Monday morning we’ll be taking apart those toiles and finalizing the pattern.

And then it’ll be time to make it all up in the actual fabric! Eeeeeeeee.

I’ll finish this post with my favorite photo of the day:

Dapper? Me?

4 thoughts on “My own Mr. Darcy

  1. I have to say that “shirt and breeches” is a really good look for Ben… He likes like a privateer… I can’t wait to see you in what I expect will be the greatest costumes ever 🙂


  2. This looks GREAT for a muslin! (I’m still working my way through your posts on this kit, lol.) There is somthing to fun about seeing a whole set in muslin. It’s like the pencil sketch, except fabric.


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